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The Complete Belgian Shepherd Dog
The Complete Belgian Shepherd Dog

I was brought up in the village of Lochailort in the West Coast of Scotland.  Lochailort boasts a pub and a post office, some ten houses and nothing else - the nearest shops were in Fort William some 25 miles away and even my primary school was 10 miles away.  As an only child my companions were my animals; my Mother's whippet, Grandmothers saluke and a collection of cross breeds.  In 1975 I was sent to boarding school near Perth which I hated and spent a great deal of time in the library with my nose in a book.  One of my favourite books at this time was 'Jack' which over the next few years I red several times, I assumed though that the main character a groenendael was a fictional breed.  In 1979 a new teacher arrived at the school, 'Miss' Margaret McKenna, accompanied by her dog.  My first impression was that this was some sort of Rough Collie/GSD cross but I loved her colour and glamour and frequently took her for a walk within teh school grounds.  In 1980 when I was 14 we moved to Gartocharn, a village ( large by Lochailort standards) on the east of Loch Lomond and to my disgust my Mother arranged for me to get a holiday job at the local boarding/breeding kennels.  From the first day I loved it and was introduced to the dog show world this way.  Having been to a couple of shows and had a shot at handling, I realised that my teachers cross-breed was a Tervueren! 


I left school in 1982 determined to get one of these dogs and soon SUNNINGLYE HERITAGE joined the household.  Sadly Cleo did not live up to my high expectations but in retrospect I also made many mistakes with her and did not expose her to the sort of socialisation that my youngsters automatically now receive.  In 1985 I married Iain Fleming and our first Groenendael SUNNINGLYE LALINCA joined us. Inca was an old fashioned type with a sensible head on her shoulders and we had a great deal of fun together.  I dabbled with obedience and she was also the first of my dogs to be character assessed.  My proudest day was when she won ourfirst CC at Manchester in 1989!

Meanwhile I had my own ideas of where I wanted to go next and booked a dog puppy from Janet Biddlecombe.  Janet in those days was one of few breeders to hip score.  Quin TANJE MOONLIGHT MAESTRO was a dog with a larger than life character, but unfortunately his testicles did not descend.  He was very much Iains dog and they worked together in obedience with some success. We were delighted some years later when he was character assessed 'Excellent'.  When Iain and I split up he went to live with him.

Meanwhile I was still looking for a youngster to show and managed to find a promising Leircote bitch puppy.  Freyja came to join us and turned our world upside down with her 'on the go' personality.  LEIRCOTE FREYJA OF AILORT fulfilled all our dreams in the show ring but unforunately had hip dysplasia with a hip score of 22:25.  This did not stop her gaining her junior warrant, Uk title & Irish title and 14 CCs in total.

Meanwhile in 1989 we were to Ireland for a weekend and came home with REVLOCH AMARANTH from Paul and Jean Lawless.  She was a glamorour bitch with excellent construction, dripping in coat and with an effervescent personality.  She won 2 RCCs but proved her worth latr as a brood bitch


In 1990 the A litter was born and a few months later the sire LEIRCOTE AGNAR came to live with us.  The A litter contained both groenendael and Tervueren with two Tervueren bitches Amore and Arpeggio winning well.


The B litter born in 1992 were all sold to pet homes ( as is our preference).  Black Adder was taken to a Northern breed show at a year old at my request where without any form of training he won BIS!  His title quickly followed and he then went back to his owners fireside to his other life!

The C litter was born in 1994 with 3 males starring, Corporate Image went to live with the Wilcox family and became a search and rescue dog with the RAF.  Checkmate took best groenendael male at the BSDA Ch show and Cliffhanger took his JW.

Meanwhile in 1995 I brought in ZELLIK MYSTERIOUS MAGIC OF AILORT from Ann O Shea. Tarka detested the show ring but managed to win top groenendael puppy in the UK in 1996.  She has proved her worth as a brood bitch producing 3 champions!

The D litter was from Tarka to our first Champion, Black Adder, this gave us our own CH AILORT DARK ADDER and his sister CH AILORT DOROTHEA, Rob had the added bonus of winning BOB at Crufts in 2002

The E litter was from an import Nor & Dan Ch Hurry Berry V't Belgisch School and Tarka this gave us CH AILORT ENCHANTRESS AT BROMOR

The F litter was from Am/Can/UK Ch Lebeau Playing with Fire and Ch Ailort Dorothea.  CH AILORT FREYJAS DREAM followed her grandmothers footsteps by being awarded UK top puppy in 2003 winning her first CC at 10 months old.

Meanwhile I was judging in Sweden and fell in love with a male Int Ch Greco Comme un Reve Noir and later imported a son of his XURITS DIEZEL OF AILORT.  He is now living with the Wilcox family and takes part in various aspects of the dog game including obedience, agility and junior handling.


I am the author of the Complete Belgian Shepherd Dog published by Ringpress in 2002 ( now sadly out of print).  There are a few copies still available on Amazon and if you contact me I may be able to get you one from another source


The G litter was born in 2004 from Xurits Diezel of Ailort to Ch Ailort Dorothea.  Four of the litter are regularly shown, my own Giselle, Grandmaster, Gorgio and Grace N Favour.

Our First  2 legged litter..........FINDLAY PENNISTON born in February 06............quite charming and good with dogs!

In 2007 we excelled ourselves by having 2 litters in the one year.  Firstly our Buhund Ch Fullani Farek of Ailort (Roxy) was mated to the exciting youngster Ch Olpenden Malachy at Parvodene JW Sh CM which resulted in 9 puppies.  Four of them have made the big ring in this country, HIDDEN GEM, HINT OF MISCHIEF, HIGHLANDER & HIGH CALLIBRE and all  qualifed for Crufts 2008, with Hidden Gem excelling herself taking the RCCs at both

 Ladies Kennel and West of England Ladies Kennel.  She was also BPIS at the Buhund Open show.  HIGHLANDER won his first RCC at Windsor Ch show and all four youngsters have taken puppy

groups.  In the US Ailort Highland Norseman has also been shown with some success.


In October the I litter arrived from Ch Vanistica Romeo to Ch Ailort Freyjas Dream - hard work as they were hand fed but worth every minute!  At the Northern Ch show in June 2008 AILORT INSPYRE won best puppy dog being beaten by his full sister AILORT ISADORA for Best Puppy in Breed.  A great day for ISADORA and her owner Ella Green when she went BPIS.





Ailort Giselle and he father Xurits Diezel
Ailort Giselle and he father Xurits Diezel
Laura Wilcox and Diezel
Laura Wilcox and Diezel